When it comes to library budgets it’s important to make every dollar count. In the world of libraries it’s essential that each staff member is able to perform multiple tasks for users and that each service provided is as expansive as possible. The same can be said about your digital library. It’s critical to make sure your website is available to as many patrons as possible and that those users can find your materials easily. You also need to give them a reason to keep coming back. That’s why we’ve provided the following suggestions to get the most out of your digital collection:


Multilingual Support


Did you know that your Account Specialist can add multilingual interfaces to your digital library for free? We can provide Spanish, Japanese, French and both traditional and Simple Chinese interfaces to your website with more languages on the way. You can also add multilingual eBooks and audiobooks from over 30 countries AND you can use our foreign language marketing kits to help raise awareness for your enhanced collection.


Free marketing


Speaking of marketing kits, we have full suites of materials to market your entire collection. You can find posters, flyers and much more to spread the word about your digital titles. Help promote your language learning audiobooks, teen materials, get the word out about your summer reading or holiday programs, and much more. You can also use our marketing kits to raise awareness about your publisher specific titles! Best of all, there is no cost to use these materials. If you’ve got a printer and ink, you’re all set.


MARC Express


OverDrive MARC Express offers ready-to-load MARC records to your library at no cost. We create these minimum MARC records in-house and deliver them to an OverDrive-hosted FTP site the day after you place a content order. Your library can then load the record as is, or edit it to suit your specific needs. To get started with these free MARC records contact your Account Specialist.


Refresh your content


For most libraries the first collection on your OverDrive-powered site is your “New eBooks”. Every time you purchase new content this collection gets updated. If a patron sees new content every time they visit your site, odds are they’ll continue to return often. Even if you’re only purchasing a few new titles every week, be sure to refresh your collection as often as possible.


Recommend to Library


Another collection development tool available at no cost is our Recommend to Library (RTL) feature. RTL allows users to browse hundreds of thousands of additional digital titles, including those not in your collection. While users will search within your library’s catalog by default, they can choose to expand results to include titles not currently in your collection. These titles are available for your users to recommend that the library add the eBook to their collection or purchase for themselves if they want their own personal copy.


With the ‘Recommend to Library’ feature, your staff will have access to the Recommend to Library manager, which allows you to automate purchases for recommended titles and limit the number of recommendations a user can make.


Training materials


While it’s great to have Digital Media Specialists on staff, when a patron has a question they will ask the first librarian they see. That’s why it’s important to make sure your whole staff is familiar with your OverDrive services. Thankfully our on demand Learning Center has modules on everything from ordering content and user assistance to marketing your service around the community that staff can view whenever they have the time. Create incentives for your staff to participate in training or make it part of your Continuing Education practices.


If you’re looking for additional help, remember that you can always reach out to your Account Specialist for more tips, tricks and clever marketing ideas!


Adam Sockel is a Marketing Communications Specialist at OverDrive


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  1. Sue Winer

    We are using the NE Florida Library on the PC and it works well. Our Problem is getting the books to our Kindle, our brand is Pandigital Novel. We keep getting the Message “Not Authorized”. We have spent hours trying to get our selections from the library to our device. Can you direct me to a help desk? Our library in Palm Coast is unable to help us.

    Thank you,