Today we released OverDrive Media Console for Windows Phone, which enables Windows Phone users to download EPUB eBooks and MP3 audiobooks from public, K-12 school, and higher ed libraries. We’re excited for this release, not just because library eBooks and audiobooks will be available on popular smartphones such as LG Quantum, Samsung Focus, and HTC Trophy, but also because it means OverDrive now supports every major mobile and desktop operating system, including Windows, Mac, iPad/iPhone (iOS), Android, and BlackBerry.

Like OverDrive’s apps for other mobile platforms, the Windows Phone app includes a “Get Books” feature so that users can easily find your library. Users can then browse the mobile version of your ‘Virtual Branch’ website, check out an EPUB eBook or MP3 audiobook with a library card, and download the title directly to their device. While the feature set remains the same, the OverDrive app takes advantage of the Windows Phone platform to provide a unique user experience.

The free OverDrive Media Console for Windows Phone app is available in the Windows Phone Marketplace and can be installed on all Windows Phone devices.

Check out the Windows Phone app on your device or watch the video below, and let us know what you think.


Dan Stasiewski is a public relations manager for OverDrive.

13 Responses to “OverDrive’s eBook & audiobook app for Windows Phone now available”

  1. Karen Demers

    Now just need something for our Palm Pixi users out there and we’ll be all set!

  2. David

    I installed on the phone and it looks great but when I add the library website, it tells me I need to download the WP7 overdrive application when a open the site in the application? Is there a setting I am missing?

  3. Santiago

    It looks and feels great, but links don’t work, after I press the link, it shows the linked page in the back then goes back to the previous page.

  4. Michael

    I like the app, especially the ability to download books from my library to my phone directly. However, I am disappointed in the lack of WMA support. Most of the books from my library are WMA. Is there an ETA for WMA support?

  5. Rick S.

    While I applaud Overdrive for their WP7 application. The audiobook functionality is basically useless without wma support. The majority share of audiobooks are not in mp3, but wma. Unless you consider the public domain titles.
    Overdrive has said it is Microsoft issue, however I have spoken to the dev team they put the issue fully back into the Overdrive Camp. For goodness sake, there is an app on the xda site that does the wma.

  6. Rob H

    Can I also add my frustration about the lack of support for .wma files. I can almost understand it on Android, but for heaven’s sake, wma is a Microsoft format. The fact that it can’t be run on Windows phone is atrocious.

  7. bo h

    Great app – but two suggestions:

    Auto-scroll – when reading books on threadmills etc automatic text scrolling is a must for any ebook reader, please?

    Login – having to re-enter the library login on every visit seems silly?

  8. Julie

    I have used MS Zunes for years. I could borrow/download WMA audiobooks from our county library with Overdrive on my laptop, then transfer over to my Zune, flawlessly. Audiobooks are so nice when communting to/from work. So when they discontinued Zune but included it in the Windows phone I thought, no problem. I never would have guessed that it would be a problem. The idea that a Windows phone won’t work with Windows Media is beyond belief. Most of the books I would like to hear are WMA. I will have to hope my Zune HD doesn’t die.

  9. Jonathan

    I, too, would VERY much like to see WMA audiobook support for the Windows Phone app. Please?!?

  10. Andrew

    I really like the app for reading ePub books, but how crazy is it that I could download WINDOWS Media Audio files to an iPod/iPhone but not to a WINDOWS Phone?
    C’mon Overdrive, you can download them to the PC app, you’ve got to be able to make it work on the Windows Phone app.

    • Michael Lovett

      Hi Andrew- Thanks for your comment. OMC for Windows Phone 7 supports EPUB eBooks and MP3 audiobooks because of the formats’ functionality and overall quality. At this time, OMC for Windows Phone 7 does not support WMA. Sorry. -Mike