See book. Read book. That’s how simple the eBook experience will become for millions of readers with the introduction of browser-based eBook reader OverDrive Read later this year. Available to all partners in OverDrive’s global network of libraries, schools and retailers, OverDrive Read will give readers quick-and-easy access to eBooks on any device with a web browser. (To read the complete press release, click here.)

For OverDrive-powered libraries and schools, OverDrive Read will extend the value of the “virtual branch” in several key ways:

  • The eReading platform works with libraries’ existing EPUB collections.
  • It delivers unmatched compatibility, enabling eBook access on any device with a web browser.
  • Because readers can enjoy checked-out titles whether they’re online or offline, OverDrive Read makes your eBook collection more portable than ever.
  • It eliminates the need to download software or activate devices, thereby reducing support questions to library staff.
  • With a unique URL for each title providing a place where patrons can preview, browse, and sample, OverDrive Read promotes increased discovery and social-media engagement for your digital catalog.

Available to OverDrive’s school and library partners in all markets—including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, etc.—OverDrive Read reflects our longstanding commitment to streamlining the user experience and expanding access to eBooks at libraries and schools. This new platform complements OverDrive Media Console—the app that readers have installed more than 15 million times—and we will continue to develop and support OMC apps going forward.

Alongside OverDrive Read, we’re also developing OverDrive Media Station, which will enable in-library access to eBooks on touchscreen monitors and existing public Internet workstations. With a pilot program underway at Ohio’s Warrensville Heights Public Library, OverDrive Media Station invites readers to browse, sample and discover library eBooks within the physical branch. Coming soon, patrons will also be able to login and checkout titles!

OverDrive Read and OverDrive Media Station have the potential to redefine the way readers engage with library eBooks. To see how these innovations will revolutionize the “virtual library,” check out this demo video.

Michael Lovett is Public Relations and Social Media Specialist at OverDrive.

8 Responses to “The Next Generation: Catch a Sneak Peek of OverDrive Read and OverDrive Media Station”

  1. steve wolf

    Your information states that this new system will be available for our existing EPUB collections. Does this mean that it will not work for Kindles?

    Thank you.

    • Michael Lovett

      Hi Steve- OverDrive Read will work on any device with a modern web browser. So it won’t work on the standard Kindle, but we expect it will work on the Kindle Fire, which supports HTML 5. Best, MIke

  2. Karrie

    Will the OverDrive Media Station be merged with the OverDrive Download Station (audiobooks), or will we need two separate stations?

    • Michael Lovett

      Hi Karrie- OverDrive Media Station does not necessarily replace OverDrive Download Station. In time, OMS will support the ability to place holds and check out all formats supported at your site. Currently, it’s simply a way for patrons to browse, sample and discover your library’s digital content. Best, Mike

  3. Brian

    Do you expect any advantage for Kindle Fire users to continue using the OMC app once OverDrive Read is rolled out?

    • Michael Lovett

      Hi Brian- The introduction of OverDrive Read will give Kindle Fire users several options– downloading eBooks and audiobooks via the OverDrive Media Console app, reading Kindle books in the Kindle app, and reading via OverDrive Read in the browser, offline and online. So it’s really your choice. If nothing else, you’ll need OMC for audiobooks… Best, Mike

  4. B Brown

    How do you change the format on an audiobook after you have already downloaded it? Put wrong format in by mistake.

    • Adam Sockel

      Contact your library support. Once it’s downloaded you can’t switch but they can correct this issue for you.