New versions of the OverDrive Media Console app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7 devices incorporate social media sharing features.

With the release of OverDrive Media Console v2.5 for Android™, iOS and Windows® Phone, we’re implementing features that enable users to share their enthusiasm for library eBooks and audiobooks via social media networks. On each of the platforms, users have the option to share from within the eBook or audiobook title they’re enjoying.

Selecting a title’s “Share” button gives users a variety of options, depending on the operating system.

On Android, users have the option to share…

  • on Facebook
  • on any social media app/service installed on the device (Twitter, TweetDeck, Google+, etc.)
  • via email

On iOS, users have the option to share…

  • on Facebook
  • on Twitter
  • via email

On Windows Phone, users have the option to share…

  • on Facebook

These latest OMC apps include several performance updates. OMC for Android now requires Android v2.1 (or newer). The system requirements for iOS (v4.2 or newer) and Windows Phone 7 remain the same.

If you already have OverDrive Media Console installed on your Android, iOS or Windows Phone 7 device, you’ll receive notification that an update is available. Otherwise, download OMC v2.5 here:

Michael Lovett is Public Relations and Social Media Specialist at OverDrive.

3 Responses to “Social Media Sharing Comes to OMC Apps”

  1. Tim

    I have OMC on Android (v2.6.2) and it doesn’t let me connect social networks. On the settings page I see “Disconnect social networks…” and a “Not Connected” button below it, but can’t select either (long press doesn’t work either). I’d love to use this feature if I could turn it on, since I’m a huge fan. How do I do this?

    • Michael Lovett

      Hi Tim. Sounds like it might be a bug. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll pass your note on to our support team and let you know…

    • Michael Lovett

      Hi Tim- Glad you’re enjoying your library’s digital collection with OMC for Android. You can share what you’re reading from the details page for any title—press the “+” button next to the title while on the bookshelf page, you’ll see a a “share” button… Best, Mike