Now that the OverDrive Media Console app is available in the Amazon App Store for Android, it’s easier for users of the Kindle Fire to access eBooks from OverDrive-powered libraries.

Earlier this week, we released new versions of the OverDrive Media Console apps for Android and iOS (iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch). For the first time, OMC is available to Kindle Fire users in the Amazon App Store for Android, making it easier to access eBooks and audiobooks from OverDrive-powered libraries. (Previously, Kindle Fire users could side-load the OMC app.)


With OMC v2.6, we’ve further refined the browsing experience. Users can now browse their library’s digital collection from within the application—no need to launch a separate browser window.


Other key updates:

  • Redesigned audiobook player
  • Support for iPhone 5 (OMC for iOS)
  • Support for ActionBar (OMC for Android (Honeycomb and newer))
  • Share what you’re reading on Goodreads (as well as Facebook, Twitter and via email)

OMC v2.6 employs Google Analytics to compile anonymous usage data, which will help us as we develop future versions of the app. Please note, OMC does not collect personally identifiable information, and the app enables users to opt out of sending anonymous usage data.


The system requirements have not changed: Android v2.1 (or newer); iOS v4.2 (or newer).


If you already have OMC installed, you’ll see an “update” prompt the next time you open the app. Otherwise, download the updated apps here:



Michael Lovett is Public Relations and Social Media Specialist at OverDrive.

13 Responses to “Kindle Fire Users Rejoice: OverDrive Comes to Amazon App Store”

  1. Theresa

    Does this include Canadian libraries? Are patrons able to download books for free through their local library onto their Kindle Fire? Thanks!

  2. Nathan

    So, the Android app supports Adobe DRM and sideloading ePubs, but does it support sideloading Adobe DRM ePubs? The description just says it can sideload DRM-free files, but if it has Adobe DRM support, why would sideloading be limited to DRM-free ebooks?

    • Quinton Lawman

      Nathan- Good question…The DRM is tied into the ACSM file that you download to open the EPUB file. When the ACSM is opened, it prompts a call to the Adobe DRM server to verify whether the device is authorized with an Adobe ID. If you simply transfer a DRM-protected EPUB, that call doesn’t happen, the EPUB doesn’t see a matching Adobe ID, and won’t open. You CAN side-load the ACSM file onto your device, then open that. But if you do, you only have a limited time frame in which to open the file, because ACSMs expire. Best, Quinton

  3. Greg Tramel

    EXCELLENT! We’ve had quite a few customers that couldn’t get OverDrive videos and music to work on Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD so hopefully this will fix it

    As well as we have had several that couldn’t get the OverDrive videos and music to work on a Google Nexus so hopefully there will be a fix for that soon

  4. Kayne

    *sigh* And since this update, I haven’t been able to transfer any audiobooks to my iPhone 4…

    • Michael Lovett

      Hi Kayne- For tech issues, please consult your library’s Help pages, which include email-based support. Best, Mike

  5. mattias

    I cant find the app in Swedish marketplace for windows phone anymore. Has it been removed? Its the only app I know that is supposed to support eBooks from Swedish national library, and others, so it really should be available here!

  6. Barbara Scott

    Is this just for US libraries or will UK partnered libraries be able to download the App and access OverDrive eBooks on their Kindle Fire and/or other editions of the Kindle?

    Can you also clarify whether the new Read format will be compatible with the new Kindle Fire Tablet in the UK?

  7. Andreas Eichler

    So the OverDrive Media Console is available on Amazon and I’ve downloaded it to my Kindle Fire HD, but can’t install it because it’s not visible. There still seems to be some incompatibility with Kindle Fire HD.